James Hoffmire


Travel App (group project)

Project teammates: Apul Jain, Ankit Aggarwal
Domain: Cross-platform iOS and Android app development, full-stack development, OOP, API integration
Stack: Angular JS, Ionic, Google Maps API, Firebase DB/Auth, HTML, CSS, SCSS
Info: Travel App is a cross platform mobile app that allows users to search a map of any city for nearby tourist spots which are fetched from Google Maps API. This app utilizes persistant user accounts and user data and allows users to save lists of locations to their profile as a "tours". Each tour contains information about distance, time, and cost for each stop on the tour and for the entire tour, as well as recomended transportation routes fetched from the Google Maps API. This app also has social features that allow users to share their tours and view and review tours from other users. This app is not 100% complete and it has not been released in any app store, but we have most of the core functionality built. You can demo this app by downloading the code from the GitHub repo, installing Ionic into the project folder and running "ionic serve" in your terminal from the project root directory.
GitHub Repo

Panoramic photo tool using RANSAC algorithm and cylindrical mapping

Domain: Computational photography, machine learning, functional programming, geometry
Info: This program takes as input a sequence of photographs where the right portion of each image overlaps with the left portion of the next image, and outputs one panoramic image stitched together from each of the images in the sequence. First, each of the input images is projected onto a cylinder. This allows for a clean and undistorted overlap between each pair of photos. The RANSAC algorithm then iteratively detects the overlapping regions between each pair of photographs and conjoins all of the images together by setting the color of each pixel in the overlapping regions of the merged photo as the average color of the corresponding pixels from each of the two input images. The program finally uses feather filtering to smooth out the colors of pixels around the seams where the images were conjoined. If you have MATLAB installed on your computer, you can download the code and execute it on your own sequence of photos.
Gitub Repo

This website

Domain: front-end design, web development
Stack: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Info: I have not spent a lot of time mastering front-end design. My skillset is full-stack but strongly leaning towards backend. However, I do think deeply about high level application design, including interface layout, functionality, use cases, navigation, and visual aesthetics. Even though I majored in CS, this is actually my first webstite that I built from scratch. It is just a simple HTML skeleton, but I had fun playing with color and styling and learning some new skills. I used Bootstrap to make the site responsive, and I used jQuery to ad some effects and design patterns to this page.